Thursday, December 18, 2008

28 minutes

The leather collar session really took me over the edge. But a woman can never lose her cool. Ever. I’m walking a fine line and must maintain a certain level of cool detachment. It was getting harder to do. There are too many feelings involved now but I don't admit it out loud. Ever. It would ruin everything. I think it’s better to go with the flow. Does every sexual/romantic experience have to lead to some destination? The best ones are the ones that take you by surprise…on a journey. I don't know where this is going. My intentions are to stay in the moment and open myself up to something new and different. Feel free to judge me.

At first, I had been too shy to watch the video footage that he’d been collecting of me. I decided to give him a call and let him know I’d changed my mind.


"What's up?"

"You know that footage you have of me...I think I wanna see it."

"Sure, whenever you want," he laughed.

"So, what's your favorite part?" I asked. "I know you been watchin' it."

"Yeah, I have," he laughed again. "You want me to describe it to you over the phone?"

"Uh huh...which parts are you fast forwarding to," I asked getting hot on my end of the phone.

"I can’t," he laughed sounding like a teenager. "Imma just have to let you see it."

"So far there’s about 28 minutes of footage," he informed me. "But, there is something I’d like to add to it."

"Oh yeah, what’s that," I asked super curiously.

"There’s a scene from a movie I want you to see that I’d like to re-enact."

"Okay...elaborate," I said needing more details.

"You just have to see it," he insisted. "Mostly, I'm ooking to achieve a similar amount of depth and salvia."

Oh boy. It's a porno.

I told him to drop it off. He did. The next day.

"There’s only one scene you really need to watch," he explained. "It’s with a Spanish girl, named Mercedes."

I took the DVD and he explained that he did not expect me to be able to do all the things I’d see but he wanted me to do my best.

"Go do your homework," he instructed half joking, half serious.

I was ever eager and left work for an early lunch break unable to contain my exicitement. I had to watch it. I sat there on my sofa with my mouth wide open and horny as hell in the middle of the day. There was no way I could do what that chic could do. Mercedes, apparently, was something of a deep throat beast, albeit a very cute one. She was taking in men that had to be at least ten inches long and thick all the way down her throat and made gagging noises I'd never heard. When the guy behind the camera asked what she liked to be called, she replied, "Cock-whore is fine," with a shrugg and a giggle. I watched the movie about five more times. It was a skill I've always wanted to master. Though, it would take some time and quite a few practice runs, a few days later, I sent him a text.

Me: Meow…

Him: You got something for me?

Me: I sure do. I’m going to see a movie with my friends. See you afterwards around 11?

Him: Sounds good.

After the movie with my girlfriends, I went home to change into something that would put me in the mood from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Victoria’s Secret is an old favorite. But Frederick’s has a different appeal. Victoria’s is more romantic and nice. While Frederick’s has a dirty slut style that I prefer in private. I'd be shopping around local boutiques and found some beautiful vintage lingerie I'd have to try out on him soon too.

For this session, I decided to wear a sheer blue baby doll and matching lace boy shorts. I liked the way my breasts sat over the pleated bust line and how the color looked against my bronzed skin. I covered myself in a long black scarf wrapped around my neck and shoulders.

When I arrived and took off my coat, it took him to notice I half dressed. I brought with me some incense and pineapple rum and asked him to pour me a glass. I undressed and sat on the edge of the bed while he went to the kitchen and waited. Foreplay and conversation was not necessary tonight. Actually, I like being jumped as soon as I walk in the door. He'd learned this in time.

He came back and I was ready to go. I didn’t come to waste time. He took a seat in a chair in his room. I warmed him up, talking sweetly while I took off his clothes. Then, I dove in and did my thing for what seemed like at least an hour, practicing all that I'd learned from Mercedes. I begged him to cum in my mouth and when he did I kept my mouth open slightly so he could see his juices oozing out onto my lips. I licked them and swallowed. Then, licked my fingers and the extra cum left on my breasts and hands that got away from me. He liked that. I cleaned up and laid down to rest a moment beside him. I wanted to cum. Lying next to him I reached down below, playing with my clit. He told me to grab hold of his dick with my other hand and squeeze him tight. It turned me on so much I came in less than twenty seconds.

He left the room for a while and went to work on his computer while I stayed and slept in his bed. When he came back to the room a couple hours later I perked right up with that insatiable drive of mine. He said he wanted to sleep. He wouldn’t let me cuddle with him for too long saying it was going to keep him up. He wasn’t used to sleeping with someone in his bed and didn’t make a habit out of it. I listened.

I was making a mistake. Getting too comfortable. Invading his space. I should have taken my ass home forgetting that rule my sister told me to never spend the night in the beginning until invited. But I couldn’t resist the urge to infiltrate just a little. I took my arms from around him and put my hand on his leg. Within seconds he was all over me again. I got on my knees and went down on him again. He thrust himself into my mouth deeper and deeper moaning all the while. Then he told me to lie down , pushing my head down. I laid on my side at his waist and he penetrated my mouth, grinding, in and out, loving it. Me taking him as far and as much as it could. It was really good. His moans and intensity gave me power over him. It was the only time he ever submits to me.

God, I love it. Maybe a little too much.