Monday, September 22, 2008

Planet Hoppin'

I had too much to drink. My flesh was on fire. It had been for weeks. Drinking double shots of Patron on ice with lime was like dousing gasoline on a raging inferno. Three years without sex was beyond what I could stand. I couldn't even remember what the point of being celibate was anymore. I was giving myself time to heal. That's how it started. But now, it seemed I was just torturing myself and ready to explode. I felt like a lioness on the prowl.

The scene at the club that night was far too young for my taste. I needed something more mature. I left the club early, dropped my cousin off and found myself on my way to his apartment, calling him without thinking twice about it.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” I said anxiously when he answered.
“I had a little too much to drink and need to use your bathroom. Can I come over?”

“Okay,” he said. There was a hint of curosity and suspicion in his voice.

I hurried, trying not to swerve, crossing the painted yellow lines. I was in no condition to drive home anyway. It was a good thing he lived close by.

I parked illegally in front of his building, uncertain which urge made me walk so hastily to the door. My heels clicked down the hallway. I couldn't stand still in the elevator so I took the stairs. He opened the door and I smiled.

Yes, that's what I want.

“Hey," I said casually.

“What’s up," he replied looking at me curiously. He moved to the side and ushered me inside.

After rushing to the bathroom, I headed for his bedroom where he waited.

“You look cute,” he said.

I said thank you, removed my heels and made myself comfortable on his bed. We chatted briefly about my night out.

“I think subconsciously, you wanted to be here,” he said matter-of-factly.

“I didn’t plan it really,” I said knowing he wouldn't be convinced.

His place just happened to be nearby and that was true. I had been fascinating about him for a very long time. On some subconscious level maybe he was right. Maybe I did want to end up right where I was.

I was just intoxicated enough not to overthink the situation and ripe enough go for it. On his television, VH1 was playing a weekend long marathon of Prince videos. I think at this point, "Scandalous" was the video in rotation. Need I say more?

We shared a glass of pineapple rum and Coke, and I asked him to roll up a little joint (as if I needed anything more). My inhibitions were completely diffused.

He turned on some music and sat next to me on the bed. I was so very chatty and in a playful mood. I lifted my colorful cotton dress just a little revealing that I had ventured into the street without underwear that evening. I started playing with myself, rubbing my clit while casually talking to him as if I was doing nothing at all. I guess it was all a bit much. He hadn't seen this side of me in a very long time.

Mid-sentence he caught me off-guard, leaned in forcefully and kissed me hard. It was the most perfect kiss. I'm sure I'll remember it for a while. I thought I might need to work him up a bit first but apparently he had enough. His tongue whirled around in my mouth and I laughed a little. It was just what I wanted. Was it Christmas? I wasn’t sure he’d go for it. He had turned me down before. I think because he knew I loved him. But that night, he knew, had nothing to do with love. He pushed me down on his bed and dove right in, licking me down below. His tongue swirled around and did tricks I didn't know he could do. He put his fingers inside of me and I thought I'd lose my mind. I think he touched a chakra or two. He was intense and amazing. Then he stopped, walked over to the light and switched the bulb from white to red.

Oh shit.

The next four hours were a blur. (Later, I’d wonder if I dreamt it all.) I made sure I returned the favor lovely. When he came I ate it up off his leg like it was the most delectable dessert I've ever had. It kinda was. I couldn’t believe it when we finally stopped and realized it was 5am. We had not taken a single break. Not one.

We went planet hopping that night. I visited every planet, saw rings around Saturn, the red planet Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, the sun, moon and stars. Seriously.

I vaguely remember him calling me a dirty slut and liking it.

I got a parking ticket too... worth every penny. I hoped there'd be a next time. Sure, 'nuff there was.

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Gigi said...

AMEN!!! I've been celibate, and that journey back into the regular world is always a trip.