Friday, October 17, 2008

press record

He made me wait so long for session four. After the laundry room episode, I think I started going down a slippery slope. I was texting him every other day. I sent him pictures of me dresssed in a black corset and strappy heels. I know, I know. I admit, I was so pressed and so addicted. I really could have worn his ass out everyday if he allowed it.

"I can't go a week. I really need to see you," I texted.

He claimed he was tired, busy and otherwise unavailable.

Too tired for some good head?? That don't even sound right!

I started to feel a little sensitive about it. But eventually decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. He is a busy guy. I also figured he might have another woman he might be working on. Didn't really care about that though. He'd be back. I tried to be patient. I had gotten a week of sorry, can't tonight messages. I only wanted to hear yes, asap, right away. I told him I understood. No matter what I felt, the next week I decided to resist the urge to call, text, email or instant message. Gchat was the worst. I'd see him online and I'd know he saw me. Another week had passed. No nothing. Why was he being so unresponsive? Was he testing me? Putting me on pause? I was out of practice with this game.

But eventually...he couldn't resist. I don't know why I ever thought he could. I had played my hand well. Two weeks after episode three...another Gchat message. *ping*

I love those. It was funny too because I was at work, in a staff meeting...sitting at the conference table with my laptop when his message popped up. He said he saw me online, caught a flashback and his dick got hard. I had to quickly minimize the window before the co-worker sitting beside me saw it.

We quickly made plans to see each other that evening. I had such a rough day. It began with me getting pulled over for speeding first thing in the morning. 45 in 25. I do like to go fast. I think I was daydreaming about him, anticipating his call and just wasn't paying attention like I normally do. I forgot to put my new insurance card in the car and got a ticket for that too. Two hours later, I got a parking ticket. Shit. At any rate, he was going to make my day all better now.

We sent a few text messages back and forth a few hours before our date. I don't need to hear his voice until I actually pull up to his place. Then I call him and simply say, I'm outside.

But first, I stopped off at a new lounge around my way for a cocktail or two. I promised a girlfriend I'd meet her there to check out the place. I don't need to hang out much anymore but it was packed and I must say I looked pretty good. Midway through cocktail number three, I said Ciao! to my friend and made my way over.

I decided to wear that corset he pretended to ignore. Over it, I wore a black wrap dress I could easily remove. My toenails were painted a dark, black cherry color which looked really nice in my black strappy heels and topped off the look with a nice red Fedora, leaned to the side. He could have cared less what I wore that night but I felt good.

I arrived a little after 12:30am. I sensed he wasn't nearly as intoxicated as I was. He seemed a little tense, serious even. But I was playful. I wanted to keep my hat and heels on but he didn't seem to pay much attention to the details that night. It was my job to soften him up and I couldn't wait to do my favorite thing. I didn't even need any foreplay. It was all about good head. Among my girlfriends, I am the Olympic torch bearing champion, proud, fellatio offerer. Yeah, I am.

With him I think I love it even more in part because he's so much taller than me. I love being on my knees, him towering over me. I have to share a certain connection with a man for this. Once I know there's mutual respect and feel comfortable enough, I'm free to do almost anything.

On this night, he decided to pull out his video camera. I was surprised I had no objections. I liked the fact that he liked it so much, he wanted to play it back later. My best friend strongly disapproved. But it's like I told her, we're very grown and I trust him like I've never trusted anyone. So g'head...tape me. I think I heard a camera go off too. What a compliment. He won't show anyone. I'm certain of it. That was for his own personal collection and I was flattered.

I love the taste of him (and me on him). I know this night was supposed to be a quickie. But I couldn't help myself. I had to give him two rounds of good head. He can't ever leave me hanging again when I need him. I gave him something to remember me. Plus, I just really missed it and him. I'd been a frigid, celibate chic for three years. And damn, it felt good to be his nasty little porn star.

Our session ended after a little dick riding and finger play and he talked to me a little about his hectic schedule. He wasn't just brushing me off. That's cool. I had to go and let him rest but I couldn't stop kissing him. His tongue just felt so good in my mouth. We were going to pay for this in the morning. We both had to get up early. It was nearly 3am. But it was worth it.

He walked me to my car and I clinged on his arm so I wouldn't stumble in my four inch heels, liquor still in my system. But I was ok to drive at this point. He shook his head when he saw my bad parallel parking job. It was pretty pitiful. I had wrecked my right side mirror in the process. I wasn't phased. I know a cute mechanic who will glady fix it for me.

I promised myself I'd watch the drinking and driving. It's not something I normally do and I'd hate to get in an accident. I've been behaving very badly these days. I'm so distracted.

I'm going to need him to straighten me out.

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Very, very nice! I like this and must say I'm impressed. Where are all the other women like you??